The nature on the doorstep of the capital

A country where nature is at her best and reveals its fullness through the extraordinary biodiversity of its territory.

"La Paz Waterfall Gardens"

La Paz Waterfall Gardens - Costa Rica

More than 3.5 km of hiking trails to observe the local fauna and flora leading to five beautiful waterfalls.

The park also includes a butterfly garden, an observatory of hummingbirds, a serpentarium, a greenhouse frog, a traditional "Tica" means a trout pond and a beautiful orchid garden.

Food served.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 45 mn

"Los Chorros" Waterfalls

Los Chorros - Costa Rica

Less known but also less crowded, two beautiful waterfalls flow into natural pools.

You can swim in one of them and even go behind the waterfall. You can also rope down the waterfalls (60 m). Hiking trails follow the river in the heart of the forest. There are several picnic areas.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 30 mn

Jardin botanique "Else Kientzler"

Jardin botanique Else Kientzler - Costa Rica

7 acres of botanical gardens with more than 2 km of trails.

You can admire a collection of hibiscus, heliconias, cacti, bromeliads, palms, orchids, fruit trees, a nursery and an arboretum.

Rest areas along the way.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 1 h

"Lankester" Botanical Garden

Jardin botanique Lancaster - Costa Rica

Internationally recognized for its remarkable collections of epiphytes, the botanical garden Lancaster was established in 1973 as a center for exhibition, conservation and research of tropical epiphytic plants, especially orchids.

The 11 hectares are home to over 3,000 species. This enormous quantity of plants allows the visitor to see the garden in bloom all year round, although the most suitable time extends from February to April.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 2 h

"Tirimbina" Biological Reserve

Réserve Biologique Tirimbina - Costa Rica

A private reserve of 51 ha, with several impressive suspension bridges over the Sarapiqui River or canopy.

Excursions allow visitors to experience the amazing beauty of the rainforest and learn more about birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, plants, history of chocolate, and so on ... discover the ecological interactions between these families.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 2 h

"INBio" Park

Parc INBio - Costa Rica

Created and directed by the Institute for National Bio diversity, INBio is a museum, an education center and a park.

Two large pavillions illustrates the natural beauty of Costa Rica and its biodiversity.

Hiking recreates the different ecosystems of tropical forests.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 30 mn

Téléphérique au dessus de la forêt pluvieuse

Rain Forest Aerial Tram - Costa Rica

Voyagez à la cime des arbres ! Le téléphérique vous permet de voler et d'apprécier la densité de la forêt et de découvrir la canopée.

Un tour de 90 minutes au sommet des arbres au coeur d’une réserve privée bordant le Parc National de Braulio Carrillo.

Une randonnée de 45 minutes en compagnie d'un guide naturaliste suit cette balade aérienne.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 2 h

The Ecotourism

Ecotourisme - Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the birthplace of ecotourism and also the place where this activity has achieved the highest level of success. Costa Rica takes pride in the fact that every day tens of thousands of visitors experience the incredible variety of wildlife in this natural paradise.
Costa Rica, a small country, measuring 51 000 square kilometers, is full of breathtaking landscapes with a variety of natural wealth. This small stretch of land, representing barely 0.3 % of the earth's total surface area, houses 5 % of the global biodiversity.
Costa Rica is home for more bird species than the United States, as well as for a greater variety of butterflies than in all of Africa.
These facts demonstrate why this Central American nation of 4 million inhabitants has received such considerable international recognition in the area of biodiversity.

Canopée - Costa Rica

The extensive landscape also boasts many different types of forests, including deciduous, mangrove swamps, rain forests, herbaceous ponds, cloud forests, moors, palm groves, oak woods, riparian forests, and swamp groves.
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