Renting a vehicle and driving in Costa Rica

Renting a car in Costa Rica is a great idea if you are planning on leaving the city and would prefer not to wait for a potentially crowded bus. Most tourist destinations are only a few hours away, and you will definitely enjoy the scenery and beautiful countryside as you drive.

How to choose the right car ?

We are often asked what make or model we can recommend ? We don't think there is a certain make or model that is just perfect for everyone. It really depends on what exactly you expecting from your vehicle, where you want to go and how much money you want to spend. A 4x4 is our car of choice. The size of the 4x4 vehicle will depend on the amount of people traveling with their luggages. Both automatic and manual transmission are available, however, it will depend on availability and not all models are available with this option.
For a list of available cars, see below :

Suzuki Jimny Daihatsu Bego Toyota RAV4
ou Tucson
ou Grand Vitara
ou Montero Sport
ou Santa Fé
Montero 7 pax
ou Prado Land Cruiser
2 adults
An economical and compact car
1300 cc
+ : Budget
- : Small car trunk
2/3 adults
Economical car, AC
1500 cc
+ : Ideal vehicle for a correct budget
- : Perhaps a little bit just in ascent
2 adults, 2 children
The great classic of the 4x4
2000 cc
+ : Spacious and reliable
- : Can be small for 4 adults with luggages
4/5 adults + luggages
Space and power
2500 cc
+ : Spacious and comfortable
- : Bulky
7 adults and more with luggages
The best choice for 4x4
3000 cc
+ : Solidity, reliability, capacity
- : More expensive

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Traveling with a group, with friends ?
Vous are a big family ?
Rent a Van Toyota Hiace, capacity of 10 persons with luggages, manual transmission, 3000 cc, A/C, AM/FM radio with CD.

Use le form beside and specify in the section remarks "I am interested in the MINI VAN".


 écoliers - Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, you are allowed to drive with your normal driver's license for three months, an international drivers license is not necessary. When collecting the car you must present a valid credit card and a valid passport.


 écoliers - Costa Rica

With that in mind, here's some great eco-driving tips to minimize the impact of your car on the environment, and save money at the same time.

Eco driving doesn't mean you have to compromise on your vehicle or your journeys. You keep the CO2 emissions down and you can feel good that with eco driving, you're not creating unnecessary pollution.

 écoliers - Costa Rica

- Consider renting an "eco friendly" vehicle, new models have potentially reduce their fuel consumption.
- Go steady : Accelerating less aggressively and slowing down moderately for stops can increase your fuel efficiency by over 30%.
- Before your journey, plan the route to avoid local works, congestion or losing your way. If you do hit a traffic jam – turn the engine off.
- Consider sometimes avoiding short journeys, or link together several necessary journeys – cold engines use almost twice as much fuel as heated ones and catalytic converters can take up to five miles to become effective.
- Minimize use air conditioning, use the vent setting as much as possible.
- Don't be idle : If you're stopped for more than a minute, shut off your engine. Fuel efficiency savings of up to 19% are possible by being more aware of not letting your engine idle while stopped
-Streamline your ride : Impovint the aerodynamics of your car reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency.Eco driving is lighter driving.
- Jump in the pool : Drive alone, and you're making the gasoline industry very happy. Ask your friends to combine errand runs with you.