To ensure that you have the most relaxed and enjoyable stay possible, please respect other people’s space and property, and follow these few simple rules.  If at any time you have questions or concerns, please speak with someone at reception and we will do our best to make your stay at TACACORI EcoLodge a memorable one!

We have two parrots and a dog. If you are disturbed by animals, we thank you, in advance, for indicating this to us so that we can provide other activities for our friends during breakfasts. In addition, we thank you for not feeding our animals, nor authorizing them to go into the rooms.

The hot water is produced from solar panels with a reservoir of 450l. The thermostatic faucets allow for measuring perfectly the temperature of the water. Please acquaint yourself with the instructions for use, situated in your shower.

Room Damage/Objects Taken
Damage to our casita or other property and/or objects removed from our residence, noticed before or after your departure, will result in a charge to your final payment.   Please respect our facilities.

We would like our guests to be sensitive to environmental protection. It is a very important element for us. Thank you for watching, in particular, your water consumption – a rare and precious resource. Please turn off the outside lights of your casita during the night and turn off all lamps and the fan when you leave your casita.

Entrance Gate
We gave you a remote control for the opening of the gate when you arrived.  Click the button on the left (up) to open the gate.
CAUTION: The gate closes automatically after one minute and thirty seconds.  Please open the gate at the last moment, when you are ready to exit the parking lot. In case of loss, a fee of $50 will be charged to your final payment.

It is forbidden to wash, dry or to iron linen in the rooms of your casita.  We can arrange to take care of some of your clothes for you. ($15/machine + 5$ if use dryer). There is also a laundry facility located in the entrance of the Auto Mercado supermarket.

A selection of books and magazines is available in the reception area. They can be taken for your enjoyment and returned to the end of your stay.

Safe Box
Your Casita is equipped with a safe, installed in your closet. Please use the key on the keyholder (no code).  Please be sure to leave the door of the safe opened at the end of your stay.



A free parking lot is available. Although all security measures are taken, we do not claim responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles parked on our property.  Do not park outside the gates of our property.  


We accept cash (Colónes or US Dollars) and credit cards (MASTERCARD and VISA). Our machine does not accept MAESTRO cards.


Shortened Stay

If you shorten your stay, you will be charged for your full reservation. For example: If you reserved your stay for one week and need to leave at the end of 4 days, you will be charged for the full week. 


For the comfort of our guests we have a No Smoking policy in all rooms.  You will find an ashtray on your terrace – please smoke only outdoors.  Note: Smoking is not allowed on the terrace of our main building and reception area.



For sanitary reasons, it is forbidden to carry in and eat food in your room. However, food (such as pizza, sandwiches or fruits) may be enjoyed outside on your terrace.  Cooking or preparing food in any other way is not allowed.  There are many good restaurants nearby, or in Alajuela.  (Please see our suggestions in this leaflet).

Please do not create noise which could disturb other guests in their rooms, in public areas, especially during period from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Early morning departures must be done with minimal noise.  Please consider others and remember that voices carry at night.

TACACORI EcoLodge cannot be responsible in case of major events.

Please immediately inform us of any defects or faults in the room or possible dissatisfaction with the service we provide.

Parents are responsible for controlling and supervising the behavior of their children, for their own safety and for the comfort of others.

Any complaints of individual, agency or contractual guests shall be taken into account if they are submitted during your stay. Complaints submitted later will not be accepted.



Containers are at your disposal near the main path of our property.  We invite you to deposit your plastic bottles, glass, aluminum, cardboard and paper. Thank you for your gesture in protecting our environment.  While recycling programs are still being developed in Costa Rica please take with you batteries or other items unable to be recycled at this time.  Please do not put them in the trash can.



Please lock the front door, as well as the door to your terrace, whenever you leave your room.  TACACORI EcoLodge declines any responsibility in case of theft or loss of items in your casita.  Your valuables, money and documents should be stored in the room safe (with your personal password).  Otherwise, we cannot guarantee their safety. Please do not use candles in rooms.



The toilet isn’t a garbage disposal. Please do not flush disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons, facial tissues, coffee grounds, or cigarette butts and filters, chemical, solvents, oil, medications, etc.  They will clog our fragile septic tank system.  Please put your toilet paper in the trashcan provided. 


The tap water is drinkable. You will also find at the reception (during the opening hours) a choice of cool drinks.

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